Wednesday, April 30, 2008


As you all know, I am quite the NKOTB fan. I have written about their come back tour time and time and time again. Well, I received, via email, because I am THAT special, the (hopefully just the first leg) tour schedule.

Montreal, Quebec
Bell Centre

Toronto, ON
Air Canada Center

East Rutherford, NJ
Izod Center

Uniondale, NY

Boston, MA
TD Banknorth Garden

Atlantic City, NJ
Borgata Hotel and Casino Event Center

Chicago, IL
Allstate Arena

Anybody want to go to Boston? Or how about Chicago? Because they are not coming to the South, or at least those dates have not been released. And gracious, I need to know if they will be coming here, or if I need to start looking at plane tickets and hotel rooms.

Am I crazy?

I don’t think so.

At least I am not like Jen, from the 7th grade, who was determined to marry Joey. And I mean, determined. Not like an enthusiastic fan, but more almost like a stalker. She was the crazy one. I wonder who she did marry, because it wasn’t Joey. I don’t think he ever married anybody. I may have to Wikipedia that.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's go ride a bike

I received a beautiful pink bike when I was in grade school. I think it sat in our garage until I was in the fourth grade when I decided maybe I wanted to learn how to ride the bike. I was not good at it. I had several run ins with rose bushes, curbs and once with another bike being ridden by my friend Danette. It was quite traumatic. I remember than incident with great detail. We were riding bikes around the neighborhood and as we rounded one corner, the wheels hit. And I went down. Hard.

I don’t think I ever really rode my bike after that. Even when I was in highschool and was in Germany as an exchange student with a humongous family. (The amount of children was huge, not the family themselves. They were quite fit.) We decided to go for a bike ride one afternoon. It was not pretty. You know the saying: It’s like riding a bike, well if its like I was on that bike all those years ago, then it is hard, frustrating and probably painful to watch.

It was a disaster.

I purchased a bike for myself in college, with my birthday money. I rode it once. It was just as bad of an experience as it had been while I was in highschool. Just bad. I made it around the block, but not before having to stop several times to get my balance, or to not fall off.

That was before Jacob was born, so at least 7 years ago. I had reserved myself for the bike at the gym. It wouldn’t fall over on me. It was safe. It was stationary after all.

So I was quite surprised at myself when I decide on Saturday evening to jump on Emily’s bike that she received for Christmas from my parents. It is an adult sized bike, almost a little big for myself. I asked Jacob to join me in a ride around the block on his bike. He took me up on my offer and off we went. It was one of the best times I have had in a long time. The wind in my air and my ability to not fall off. I was actually stable on the bike and enjoying myself. We had to stop several times, but not because of me this time, but because his little knees started hurting. So I would ride circles around him. And as we rounded the last corner, which is a big wide turn, but downhill, the speed got to Jacob and down he went. Hard. He skinned his knee pretty bad, but I think the fall scared him more than the injuries hurt. I brought him back home and bandaged him up, got him situated on the Playstation playing Scooby-Doo and I headed back out on the bike.

Josh wants to buy me a bike now, but I figure I can just ride Emily’s until she decides she wants it. And that may be sooner than later if I keep riding it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last night Jacob had a present for me.

He had found an old cross charm, which was faded and frankly, had seen better days. He had no chain to put it on, so he found a thing of thread I had up the closet. He gently placed that cross on a piece of thread and used one of Emily’s jewelry boxes to present it to me. With a huge, silly smile on his face to go with it.

Sometimes his heart is so big it just might burst. I know mine did.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Al Gore, I will tell you about the REAL inconvenient truth.

Blah, blah, blah, global warming. I have my own thoughts on global warming, and what we as humans need to think/do about it. They are similar to Amy’s, if not even a little more non-earthy.

But I hate me some Wal-Mart.

You see, every time I walk through those electric doors I just hate myself a little. I am never happy when I leave, always angry and yelling at the kids. The lines are always SO long and the help leaves a little to be desired. And the prices, they are not that much cheeper. Before this weekend, I couldn’t tell you when the last time I went to Wal-Mart was. It had been at least 6 months. I usually can last on my ban of Wal-Mart for about that long, until I decide to give it ago again.

Last weekend I had dropped of Emily at dance class and after lunch I needed to pick a few things up for our up-coming trip. Lots of random things, which I could have pickled up at other stores, but honestly, it would have taken longer than the hour I had to do it in. So I told Jacob we had to go to Wal-Mart. He responded with, “No, mom, I am staying in the car.”

I have passed my hatred for the Wal-Mart onto my offspring, isn’t it wonderful?

I tell him, tough, we have to pick up things like goggles, a pink tank top, iron on transfer paper, sharpies, shorts and crayons. It has to be done at Wal-Mart, we don’t have time to go to Michaels, Target, Kohls, JCPenny, and the outlet mall. We just have to do it.

“Don’t make me go in there” is his response to me.

I had to pull the mom card to get him out of the car.

We walked into the giant supercenter close to my daughters dance class and got to work. We made it out alive, with $100 less in my checking account and a lot of stuff that could have been purchased somewhere else, but darn it Wal-Mart, you are too convenient, too available and too affordable, and that is the real inconvenient truth.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I have fallen!

I have been absent for a week or so, due to the craziness that is my life. I have actually been working (I know, its s shock, even to me) while at work, in order to complete the work necessary so that I can take my much anticipated vacation in less than 2 weeks. Any time I have that I am not working I am obsessing over ever little detail you might not even think warrants a thought.

I was talking to Amy the other night about my trip, not something that I torment many people (except my husband) to even a fraction of the amount of time I actually think about it. (I am SO excited!!!) She mentioned, as I finally let go of my fear (you know, the fear that someone will think you are a freak) and began to spill all the information and excitement out onto her and she told me that she knew I would go off the edge at some point. And I had finally done it. I had fallen off the edge.

But really, I hadn’t.

Yes, I had fallen, but many, many, many years ago.

You see I have had a love affair with Disney since, well, forever.

I remember listening to the Jungle Book with my mom on a RECORD(!) in our living room when I was in early grade school. Dancing around and acting like an elephant with my mom, is one of my greatest memories. Plus, those are some jamming songs. I mean, who doesn’t know Colonel Hatahways March?

I remember seeing The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast as a high schooler and being mesmerized. I was not too cool to go see a “cartoon” with my friends, in fact we readily saw all things Disney in high school. My only disappointment was Pocahontas. And what a disappointment that was. But that is another post altogether.

Even for my 18th birthday I received a Winnie the Pooh playset. I had that set for years, until children. (Need I say more?) I also received a Winnie the Pooh snow globe from my parents that is still proudly displayed in my kitchen, many years later.

My first job was with The Disney Store. I worked there for 2 years, and I loved it. I so enjoyed it, except for the horrible uniform, but we won’t go there. I bet my parents have a picture of me in that uniform somewhere. That is there nature, to take pictures of me in all my uniformed glory.

I even “left” my husband and first born when she was 18 months old for the summer in order to work at The Walt Disney World in Florida. Now, mind you, I needed an internship in order to graduate from college, and that was the only one who picked me. I was so sad. ;) I enjoyed those three months more than anybody might really know. Not because I was away from my family, but because I spent 6 or 7 days in a park. If I wasn’t working, I was most likely figuring out a time to be in the park. There were times I would get off from my job at the Crystal Palace and get changed and head back up and ride a few rides in the evening before heading home. Where else in the world is that an option?

Josh and I even took a cruise/park trip there almost 9 years ago for our first anniversary. It was wonderful. I loved spending that time with him, there in a place I loved so much!

You see, I had fallen for Disney before I even had a chance.

I guess I had just held my obsession in for a few years and she (Amy) had forgotten about it and now I was leaking it out and it was oozing all over the place.

And it is all over the place. I am planning like crazy.

With less that 2 weeks until we leave, it is just about all I can think about. I love the planning, probably as much as I will love being in the park. We have picked the perfect time to go (I hope) and the kids won’t be missing things with school. I even measured Jacob last night and he is tall enough for everything! That is super exciting! I dream about it, think about, worry about it. There are so many details that I don’t want to forget, at the same time I am trying to get lots of regular life things accomplished as well. You know, like laundry and dishes.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ice Cream

One thing I liked about being home early from work almost everyday last week was the ability to catch these moments.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thoughts on hair

Since Amy referenced Emily’s pink hair from last summer I thought I would throw the picture of her up on the site for all to see. She loved having it dyed and I think we may end up with it dyed again before too long.

I decided on my current hair policy after a conversation with my mother in which she told me, “I wished I had let you shave the back of your head like you wanted to.” I was unable to find a picture for reference, but you know the look, back in the 90’s. In the moment my mother told me that I decided hair is where I wouldn’t care. I would just let them do as they pleased. Blue hair? Sure, lets go get some dye. Checkerboard shavings? Sure, lets head to Amy’s. Tattoo? NO. Piercing? NO. I knew I was going to have to give somewhere and hair is where I decided that would be. Besides, they would be the one who had to look at that picture in 20 years and know that they made that choice, not me. Also, I figure if I give a little in this area, they might not push the other areas quite so much.

That’s my plan, hopefully they will stay with it!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Flag Football!


I am exhausted from the weekend. I need a weekend from my weekend. It was good, but busy and WAY to short and quick.

Saturday morning Jacob had his first flag football game. It was quite a site. We arrived about 30 minutes prior to the game, as Josh is the coach and wanted to be there for when any of the other players showed up. So I sat my chair up and had a seat. Emily and I watched the end of the game that was taking place before Jacob’s game. Once the other kids started showing up they practiced a little bit and then got ready to play. Only the other team had no mouth guards. “I didn’t know!” yelled the coach which is a bunch of bunk, because if I knew, then he knew and failed to follow through with his parents. So we waited. When the mouth guards finally showed up, 15 minutes later, the game began. It was as exciting as a bunch of 6/7 year olds playing flag football can be. Our team was clearly the better team, as we won the game 13-0. Jacob was by far the shortest, skinniest player - on either side of the field. He played “center” most of the game- if that means anything to anyone. And he was a running back for the last play of the game and took 3-4 yards before he was de-flagged.

He had a good time playing, at least that is what he told us. I received a horrific sun-burn from the whole experience. But I got some great pictures- most of which you can see on my new photo-blog but I will leave you with the best shot I got of the game, in my opinion. It shows everyone on the field moving around, and there stands Jacob, still as a statue.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Are you in there?

Something odd happened to me this weekend. I caught a glimpse of who I once was in the mirror of the church bathroom on Sunday morning. And I liked her a whole lot more than the girl I have turned into in the last two and a half years. I was happy, hopeful and ready to grab life and jump in. A feeling I haven’t had in ages. When I was out talking with folks Saturday morning, I did so with confidence and authority. I sure sounded good, I thought. And I felt alive, and it felt good.

For years now I have simply been chugging along. Just doing what had to be done. Not really happy with anything. Things have been rough. When I tried to make changes last fall and it didn’t happen, I felt horrible. I felt like a huge loser. I knew I wasn’t, deep down, but after a while of hearing it from different people and in different situations you simply begin to believe it. And that is tough. It was a rough winter, at work things were rough, at home the kids were rough, I just didn’t want to deal with anything anymore.

But I persevered. I knew I wanted to make changes, but it was a slow go. This year, I have been trying to change my attitude, but I have been trying to do so in my own way. And really, don’t we all know that doesn’t work. And the horrible week I had last week, paired with the events I attended on Saturday I was forced to turn it all over. And I did with such a desire to change myself and the situation I am currently in and I think I am on the way to becoming that person that I once was and want to be more like today. (Whew! That was a run on, wasn’t it?) And I owe that all to the Lord. He gave me that glimpse of myself in the mirror of the ladies restroom at church on Sunday morning. He let me see that she was still alive and well, buried deep inside me fighting her way to come out. So now I am fighting for her. I am deciding to have fun again, rather than sitting inside alone, I am outside, almost craving the outside. Or if I am inside I am not in front of the TV, I am trying desperately how to learn Photoshop or reading with the kids. I am allowing myself to be ok with me. And I like it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Maybe you remeber my previous post about the New Kids On The Block?

Guess what?!?!?

They are having their big comeback on the Today Show on Friday! I got a message from my wonderful cousin, Lauren allerting me to this event, however, becasue I am signed up for updates on their website, I knew before anyone else did- or at least I like to think that.

Here they are now, I sure do hope they tour through central Texas. I will SO be there!!!