Thursday, December 22, 2005

Looky, looky

Emily and Jacob ready for church a few weeks ago. Emily got this dress for her birthday from Memaw. She loves it so much that she wears it everyweek to church. Sh e always gets lots of compliments on it. I think people still like this look, but not many dress making people make it. Oh well, Emily LOVES it. Plus, Jacob's clothes fit, which is more of a challenge these days.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Jacob's Adventure

Recently Jacob and Emily have been spending quite a bit of time on their bikes, riding and falling and having a great time of doing it. On Sunday Josh's mom and I went to Walmart to finish up our Christmas shopping and as we were coming home about a half mile from our house we are stopped at a stop sign and a little boy comes trucking along on a bike. Josh's mom says,"That looks like Jacob." I say, "That IS Jacob!!" He had ridden his bike over half a mile, crossed half a dozen streets and was head to the "Lake Park" He was in the process of getyting lost, as he had pasted the turn to the Lake Park. Thank God a lady had seen him trucking along alone and had gotten in her car to follow him to make sure he did not get hit or worse. I am SO thankful to her. Josh had gone to the bathroom and Jacob decided he wanted to go to the park. ARGH!! At least we happen to run into him and he made it home safely without and police station being involved, as we have already picked Emily up from the police station. We are hoping to not have to pick either of them up from the cops for a very long while, if ever.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gingerbread House

This year we bought the kit for a gingerbread house. Last year we tried to make a train, and for anyone who saw it remembers it was more of a train wreck than a gingerbread train. But Mommy followed the directions and we created a fantastic gingerbread house that the kiddos are very proud of. They decorated it just like the one on the box. So we don’t have much imagination, but they were happy it stood upright rather than in a pile on the kitchen table. Also you can see the new table we purchased in the background. They are not allowed to eat at it yet, until I can get a plastic tablecloth to help protect it from the creatures that are my children. We only bought the table, so the chairs look ridiculous with the table, but it is a process. We bought the table outright, not on credit!!! So chairs will come. It says it can seat 8, but I think it could sit 10. It has 2 leafs and I am SO excited about it. Now we can actually feed everyone that is coming for Christmas at a table. Yeah!

The kids like photography

Monday, December 12, 2005

The mother load

Can you see the excitment on my child's face?

We love KIDS BOP 8

Opening Presents

Opening presents

A Barbie for her collection.

Emily and her cake

Emily and Chelsa


Emily turned 7 on December 2nd and we party hardy for a week. On Sat. we had her little party and she loved every minute if it. We started by having her new best friend come over and we all went out to the movies to see Chicken Little. It was a great movie. Did not expect there to be aliens, but maybe I misunderstood the previews. Oh well, we still enjoyed it. We came back and her friend got sick, but we had Jose, Kylee, Deanna, Grandpa Ken and his new wife and all the parents to enjoy a PARTY!! So we cut cake and opened presents. Life seems to be going well for Emily. She LOVED everything she received and cannot wait until Christmas to open more presents. Jacob had a few problems letting Emily have her day and had a chronic stomach ache all week, that I believe to be and attention getting device, but he seems to be doing better.
She had a great party. Lots of photos to follow.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Face Painting at Girl Scout Event

Do I need to say anything?

Face Painting at Girl Scout Event

Choo Choo!!!


So my work Christmas party is tomarrow night and there will be dancing. Josh has only danced with me less than a half a dozen times. He dances with the dog on a weekly basis, I wonder if he will dance with me tomarrow night. I hope he enjoys dancing with me more than the dog, but w shall see.

Birthday Time

Tomarrow is Emily's 7th birthday. She is about to bust with excitment. She is truely thrilled to be 7. Of course she was thrilled to eat turkey onThanksgiving, so, I take it with a grain of salt. We are having her birthday on Saturday. We had to have quite a talk with her about the necessety to have it on Saturday because more of her friends could come, we would not have to be out late and Mommy's work Christmas party is on Friday night, so we had a minor conflict. She is on board, fianlly. I think she realized that while the 2nd is her birthday, she will get to wear her new outfit and wear a ribbon saying she is the birthday girl and we get to take cupcakes for her class AND on Saturday we are going to the movies with her new BEST FRIEND EVER!!!! and having some other folks over for a cake and ice cream party. She gets two birthdays this way. I think she finally figured it out and is happy to follow our lead. So anyhow I should have updates next week as to the fantastic party time we had this weekend. I am sure I will need to come back to work on Monday to rest and recuperate after this weekend.