Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time with my boy

Tonight Emily had softball practice and since Josh is the coach they headed out the door after dinner together. I decided that Jacob and I needed a little one on one time, since that has been pretty rare here lately. Plus I needed to get my supplies for the craft for my Girl Scout meeting that is Friday night.

Jacob and I got into the car and headed out to Hobby Lobby to pick up scrapbooking supplies. FYI- Scrappers, all paper and albums are 50% off this week. Saved myself, er, well, I saved Girl Scouts A LOT of money. We had such a good time and he helped me pick out paper and albums for the girls. He showed my some beautiful Christmas decorations and very cute Halloween decorations that he thought we ought to buy right then and there. He showed me how he can stand on one foot for several minutes at a time while we were checking out with my 100 pages of scrapbooking paper (5 for $1) and even smiled and held my hand most of the time while we shopped around the store.

He told me about the book they are reading in school about a porcupine who loves salt and how he uses somewhat inappropriate language, which he finds hilarious. And also, the chapter they read today is when the fox dies, and he (Jacob) almost cried. “I had tears in my eyes.”

I loved spending this evening with my son. It reminds me of how important spending just a little bit of good quality time together can really reconnect a parent and a child. Plus, the ice cream from “Basket and Robbins” didn’t hurt either.