Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What is one of the most traumatic things a mother can watch her daughter endure?

The first time her daughter has to have blood taken.

I am SO glad that is over.

Monday, August 28, 2006

She is growing up!


If anybody speaks of this to my daughter I will physically hurt you!!! She trusted me and I do not want her to think she can’t tell me things in confidence!!! Keep your mouths shut!!!!

But it is SOOOOOO cute!!

Last night Emily comes into the living room when she is supposed to be sleeping. She has this look on her face that I just can’t quite describe. She looks shyly at me and asks, “Mom, what would you think if I had a boyfriend?” Immediately after she says this she throws her self down on the couch, very much full of embarrassment. I say, “Well, Emily, do you have a boyfriend?” She looks up at me very dramatically and says, “Yes” and throws herself back onto the couch. I am giggling at her because of her dramatic answer to everything, plus she was soaking up the attention. I ask her his name for which she replies “Isaiah” and I think, I know that little boy. He lives down the street, far enough away that they are not allowed to play together but close enough that you pass his house to get to ours. I ask her if this is the boy and she tells me that it is. I ask her if she has kissed him and she enthusiastically replies “NO!!” I ask her how long has he been her boyfriend and she says “Well, on the second day of school I told him he was my boyfriend.” My, my, my. What am I going to do? She begged me not to tell anyone and especially not her daddy.

So, it is all of our little secret. Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Sneaky Jacob strikes again

While at the store yesterday with Josh and Emily, Jacob decides to “sneak” a treat without asking. He opened a package of Starburst and ate a few of the little candies. Emily discovered the problem and quickly notified her father of his actions. Josh took the candy from the boy, paid for it and then required Jacob to take the candy to the little lady at the register (it was the self-checkout line, as that was all that was open-but that’s another story) and throw the remaining candy away. I was so proud of my husbands good parenting skills and so disappointed in Jacobs deviousness. However, the lady at Wal-Mart told Josh she had watched the whole incident “go down” and was impressed with Josh’s parenting as well.

Quite a far cry from when the lady at McDonalds threatened to call CPS on us.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Looking Good

So what do you think? I changed things up today… trying on a new look. I really think I like it. I may mess with it a little bit, but overall I am very pleased. Some of the links don’t work yet, I need to do some “research” for the site addresses again, and then they will be up and running.

Josh is having some issues at work. Seems that the guy who is leaving is giving him a hard time, and because he is a supervisor, he can and can get in minimal trouble. At least Josh’s main supervisor can recognize what is going on and removed Josh from the situation, which could have been harmful to Josh’s career, and now he is back on kitchen duty. Ugh. But on a different note, he will have an interview with the RR Police Dept next week, so keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last Saturday I spent the morning with MIL and ran some errands so that Josh could sleep. We ran to the movie store and the library and before too long my sweet, beautiful, loving son decided to become the span of the devil. He was screaming in the stores and crying uncontrollably. Plus, none of my usual tactics to ensure that the behavior would stop would work. So… we took the MIL home and suddenly he stopped and became the sweet, charming son that I have come to know and love. (I am 99.8% sure the his behavior was not the result of the MIL as the kids fought in the car all the way to her house and were so poorly behaved prior to picking her up that the chance to see a movie was taken away) So we decide to hit up one last place prior to going home and inevitably waking the husband up from his slumber. We drive down the YMCA in order to sign the kiddo up for fall sports. Josh had tried to do it a few weeks ago, but he was to early. So now registration is in full swing and as soon as we enter the door the nice lady looks at Emily and says, “ Are you here to sign up for cheerleading?” Well the answer was NO when we walked in the door, but Yes by the time we left. What have I gotten myself into? She wanted to play T-ball or baseball but that is a spring sport only if you are over the age of 4. So her only other choices were volleyball or soccer. We had played soccer before and she wasn’t all that into it, and I tried really hard to turn her onto the idea of volleyball, but I had no luck and so cheerleading it is. Plus the cheerleading sign up sheet was pink and volleyball was green. Evil YMCA! So $117 lighter on the way out the door (and we were only supposed to pay for uniforms if they picked a regular sport, but that is not good enough for my baby) She is now the owner of a pink YCheer practice shirt, she will be measured for a “real” cheer uniform and we picked up Jacob’s soccer shirt while we were there. I love being a parent.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Josh just texted me and said that the guy who got the training Sergeant position in February that he wanted so bad and I wanted so bad (so I could stay home) is leaving the position to go to patrol! I don’t know what this means for Josh, because it has been longer than 6 months he will not automatically receive the position, but it could mean big changes!!!! We will wait and see. I would be so happy for him if he could get this promotion.

The Round Rock Express Game

Last week we received tickets to the Round Rock Express minor league baseball game from our church. The tickets had been donated and whoever wanted them could get them, so I enthusiastically picked up 4 for our family to go to the game. Here are some pics of the great time we all had!
We enjoyed some cotton candy.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The First Day of School (A week late)

The first day of school. I went in and woke Emily up this morning and she looked up at me and grinned like it was Christmans morning. She has been antsy for school to start for a few days now. She got up, took a abath, got dressed, ate her egg in a hole that daddy made and smiled pretty for the camera. I had to drag Jacob out of bed, my bed, and dress him in two sets of clothes. The first pair of pants we put on were too bib. Thanks mom and dad for the clothes, hopefully someday he will have a waist that will fill them. My son ate a "healthy" breakfast of Fritos and cake and smiled pretty for the camera and it was off to school.

Jacob was a little bit anxious to walk into the room, but once he found his seat andstarted doing the lacing project that was laid out for his table he could have cared less if we were there.

Emily was also the first one to walk into her room and was excited to find her place to sit and started in on her work. She looked so grown up in those desks that actually hold the school supplies as opposed to the tables she has had for the last 2 years.

They both looked so grown up when I left them, I really didn't want to leave.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Meet the Teachers

Met the teacher night went off without a hitch! Jacob is in fact in Mrs. Smith's class! We couldn't be more pleased! He seemed excited and nervous about going into the classroom. Well that is until he found the building blocks. Then he didn't want to leave.

Emily is in Mrs. Ainsworth's class. She seems like a very nice, sweet teacher. Emily was very nervous at first, until we found the Magic Tree House books. Then she got excited! Plus, we already have homework! I think I will ike this teacher! So I think it will be a good year for all involved.

I also added the links to their "pages" to the sidebar. I think that they are not updated from last year, but that way I can find them for this year.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jacob is sneaky and we are ready for Christmas

I don't recall if I have spoken of my sons sneakiness on the ole blog before. But now I will. Jacob is by far the sneakiest kid I have ever known. He does things; I believe just to see if he can get away with it. Well his world has come crashing down around him as the husband and myself have finally put our foot down with his sneaking.

Now the boy sneaks all sorts of things. He is an all-encompassing sneaker. He sneaks food. I always find rotten strawberries under my couch, because he will sneak them and as I come into the room he will throw them under the couch as to not get caught. (I only find them after the house begins to have an interesting aroma and I have to hunt it down.) He ate an entire bag of cookie dough that had been in my house for less than 48 hours. I had intended to make those cookies this week, but because I did not so it immediately after purchase, they were gone.
He also sneaks for the fun of it, as I call it. Sneaks finger-paint, permanent markers and scotch tape. Unfortunately my poor house is often on the receiving end of his sneakiness. So now I will show you some of his "work."
Here are pictures of his train that he drew on the wall as pictures that includes the fingerpaint stain which he snuck while he was supposed to be taking a nap and the train tracks he drew down his train table and across the floor. The tracks on the floor are difficult to see in the picture because they are orange, and it has been a few weeks and they have started to fade.

On another note***********
Tonight we have Meet the Teacher night at the school and find out who the kids teachers will be and where the classrooms are. Yesterday I recieved a call from the coveted Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith was Emily's Kindergarten until they had to disband her classbecasue there were too few kids. She went and taught first grade that year. We loved Mrs. Smith. She is what a Kindergarten teacher should be. She called yesterday to make sure I knew about Meet the Teacher night and that we would be there. She remembered Emily ( I am not sure if that is good or bad, but --) and she asked if Jacob would be coming. I REALLY, REALLY hope this means that he is going to have Mrs. Smith for his teacher. I would be SO happy! And I would know that Jacob would have a good year with her as a teacher, as opposed to the teacher Emily ended up having for most of Kindergarten and was less than perfect.

Last night we went to Mackenzie's birthday party and on the way home I was telling Emily and Jacob that Mrs. Smith had called, but I said, "Emily can you guess who called me today?" Knowing full well that she did not know I was curious who she would guess. She guessed "Santa Claus?"

We ended up having a conversation about Santa, and if nobody has seen him, how do we know what he looks like? I had no answer to that. She concluded that some kids must have seen him at some point, and they told us that he wears a red suit, black boots, a black belt with a gold button and glasses, sometimes. But then Jacob said, "Emily! We have seen Santa-at Wal-Mart" She asked if that was the real Santa, I said "Sure!" She was thrilled. It was the first time that I think she really gets it. The magic is still alive! But she is questioning it. She said she wants to stay up and see him put the presents under the tree. I don't know if we will get to that point, but she is totally into it. She is ready for Christmas, and all that fun.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The library card

On Saturday I was looking for something cheap and fun to get the kids out of the house while the husband slept and we took a trip down to the local public library. Now I had been to the library back a few years ago when we first moved to Round Rock. I had checked a few books out and my dumb dog, Cookie, chewed one of them up. Well since then, we have owed the Round Rock City Library $30.00. So I swallowed my pride, paid the fine and entered the world of books once again. Well, as we were paying the fine Emily asked if she could get her own library card. I said sure, lets do it. So after I filled out a short form they issued Emily her very first library card. She was so excited. She had to sign her name on the back of the card.

I think we need to discuss what her name actually is. She signed Emily And Sumpter .Oh well, I always knew she was special.