Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yesterday Josh was at the local HEB *plus* in the garden section when he turned around to find that Jacob was stuffing sunflower seeds down his pants. Now I know that my son enjoys stuffing things down his pants, but this is a new one. I think the only reason he didn’t come home with those seeds is that Daddy caught him. The most frustrating thing about the whole situation was that he wouldn’t tell me. He refused. He cried and rubbed his little eyes and became a big old swollen mess before he fell asleep- without ever telling me what happened. This saddens and scares me. I wish he felt like he could tell me when he has made mistakes. His punishment was not being able to go with Mrs. Ann to see Shrek the Third yesterday with a whole group of kiddos.

Emily talked me into a “practice bra” which she now loves. A little too much. She is constantly worried about if it has been washed, where is it? Blah, blah, blah! She is going to drive her daddy crazy about it. But the other problem that seems to go hand in hand with the purchase of this particular item, is that she suddenly thinks she is a grown up. For real. She needs to hurry up and get over herself, fast. Because she is not 16, she does not have a job and she is not as important as she thinks she is. Emily now believes she runs the household. Maybe I should start charging rent.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gabby and Emily

I have been working on my 100 things, because Amy told me too. I am not quite finished, so I thought I would take a break from that and tell all three of you whats going on here.

I am ALMOST done with the last Harry Potter book. I have 3 chapters left. Gosh darn work getting in the way of reading. I am really enjoying it and I am going to read the books to the kids once I am finished with this one- which will be today.

Last night Emily had a sleepover with a little girl down the street, Gabby. I like Gabby. I think I may like Gabby more than the fabulous Chelsa and I know I love Gabby compared to the Double A’s. She is a year older than Emily, but she has younger siblings and is very nice and sweet and polite to me. And that is what is important. Plus, she and her 2 younger siblings have been hanging at our house a lot the last few weeks and I am really getting to like them. Emily had the time of her life. It was different than when Chelsa has spent the night. They played and ate fruit and cheese and crackers and stayed up later than I did. They watched the sunset outside and then watched Mean Girls. Emily was glowing, that a friend would come to her house and they would be able to play nicely and there was NO fighting, and I wish I could let them sleep over at each others house every day until school starts. Because no matter how much time there 2 girls spend together, they don’t seem to argue. Both Gabby and Emily compromise and just work together so nicely.

I hope it lasts.

Plus a very blurry picture of the two.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Boring life 101

What a week. I am SO glad it is Sat. I got my hair cut today, yeah for less hair. I am sitting for Amy right now, so I have 2 extra kids right now. But I am expecting 2 more kids to join us at any minute. So I should be having a fabulous good time with 6 kids, by myself. But I am handling it ok. They have swam already and now are having a snack break. They are in the middle of watching Sleeping Beauty. So fun is being had by all.

I am still looking for a teaching job. No luck yet, but I am hopeful. Friday was the drop date for all the teachers in Round Rock, so all the jobs should be posted next week. I am in Little Rock next week, so I will sit and apply and call and email to my hearts content while I am bored of my rocker in the afternoons.

Our trip to Kentucky was good. We had a fabulous time and I am SO glad we all got to go. I had forgotten how much I miss my grandparents. I enjoyed our time there and Josh is already trying to plan how to get back sooner than we might have originally planned to return.

So that is all that is going on in our boring life. The sun is finally out after a rainy morning (the kids swam in the cloudy, overcast-but dry time) and I think I am going to throw them outside while the gettings good.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thank you

All I have to say is:

Thank you Amy.

You know what you did and I am able to move on now becasue of you and your fabulous wit, spin and rockin good times.