Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This is mostly for my parents, because I know that SO many of you look at my pictures through my flickr site, but I am changing my settings so that only “friends and family” can see the photos. There has been some crazy things going on over on flickr and Josh expressed his distrust of having the kids pictures out there for all to see, so I am changing the setting. Now all the old pictures will be able to be seen for a while, as I have over 2,000 pictures and it will take me a while to change them from open to closed. Also, if you are interested in seeing my photos, I do not have a problem in the world with it. If you want to look at my crazy, not so great, wish I was better photography just open a flickr account and add me as a contact. If I know who you are, then, it is no big deal. If I don’t know you, but you find my life so interesting and want to continue to enjoy my children’s pictures simply email me and let me know you are not an internet stalker and I will add you as well.

I plan to leave regular pictures, which show no children in them open, so if you click on the flickr page there will still be pictures, but eventually you will be unable to see any pictures of my children or any of their friends.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Why is it that my child who can remember outrunning the cops 6 years ago can not remember where she put her shoes the night before?

And why is it when I send her into her room to look for her belt, she comes out in no less time than 15 seconds later unable to find it. But when I walk into her room not a minute later I see her belt lying on her bed?

Why is it that if I can’t find the remote control to the TV, the first place I have come to look is either in the children’s bathroom or in my son’s room?

Why is it that I can eat my cereal with out spilling milk all over my table, chair, floor and myself, but neither of my children can?

Why is it that my children cannot remember when they are out of lunch money at school until I find the note from the cafeteria in their backpack, pants pocket or daily folder?

Why is it when I tell the children to go get in the car because we are leaving and I walk out side and they are everywhere but in the car?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekly update

I have been “on the road” this last week and while I had more time at home, I felt busier than ever.

On Monday we had the Boy Scout Pack Meeting. Jacob received his Bobcat award. It really was something special. I will post pictures once I download them off the camera which I intended to bring with me today, but sits on the low wall of our house.

Tuesday night I honestly do not remember what we did. Nothing officially planned that I remember doing.

Wednesday we headed out to church. We have recently begun attending Wednesday night services again now that the children are old enough to keep out past 7pm. And they love it! Especially Emily. She participates in a program they have for 3-5 grade and she thinks she is hot stuff. I am excited that she is excited to go to church.

Thursday night we had a family night and went to Subway and ordered sandwiches for 3 of us and a pizza for 1. Can you guess who ordered the pizza? Then we went home and watched Kid Nation from the night before and really enjoyed eating our sandwiches in front of the TV as a family. Laughing together and being silly.

Friday night we had a family night again. We rented Shrek the Third and giggled together as a family and went to bed as a family at 8:30pm. All 4 of us, to bed at 8:30. It was really rather pathetic.

Saturday was a fun filled day with Girl Scouts, the last soccer game of the season, a trip to the mall, a fabulous spaghetti dinner at the table and an early bedtime.

Sunday was filled with a little bit of Christmas shopping, and a party for one of Emily’s friends at Main Event. We had a great time.It was a crazy busy week and this doesn’t even begin to tap at the surface of it all. But I have too much work to do since this is a short week and I have so much to do. Crazy busy times around these parts. We have to pack tonight for our trip, we leave tomorrow after I get off of work. So I have lots of packing to do and loads of work to catch up on. It is going to be fun, but a lot of work in the mean time. Plus, can you believe that Emily will be 9 in less than 2 weeks. Shoot me now.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Yeah! It is Friday! That makes me more excited than almost anything! And it is a 3 day weekend! Yeah! And the kids are in school on Monday! Yeah!

So an update on me… because it is all about me. My throat is feeling better. A little better each day. I am really hopeful that by this time next week I will be able to say, “Pain? What pain?” It feels more like an incredibly sore throat now, which is a vast improvement over the shards of glass I had been swallowing for the last 11 days.

We are very excited to travel to New Mexico and see all my family and friends. We haven’t made the trip in over a year and are excited for some green chili and beautiful sunsets. By golly, my throat had better be healed before we get there. The kids are excited to “treasure hunt” with Pepaw and I am excited to Black Friday shop with my mom. This is one of the things I miss most. Almost as much as I miss Burger Time. And that is saying something!

Mom has always been a shopper and she is an even better bargain shopper. “Look at all the money I saved!” is a line that I have heard from her more times that I can even remember. Once I was in high school I would drag myself out of bed the day after Thanksgiving and we would hit the Burger King for breakfast (since it was one of the only places open at 5am) and wait for the stores to open. It was great. After I was married and had moved back to New Mexico we would meet up early in the morning and shopped until noon when we would stop for lunch and maybe catch a movie. It was so much fun.

After we moved 10 hours away we both continued to shop on Black Friday. I would go alone. I thought that I would have a better chance of finding the great deals because now I lived in a big city and there were 5 Target stores just with in 20 miles rather than the 1 store in Las Cruces. But with those 5 stores came about a billion extra people and I was unable to find some of the deals as easily as I was back in New Mexico. It was very sad. Because I love to shop. I love to shop the day after Thanksgiving. I love to take care of 95% of my shopping that day. I rarely do any prior to that, I always forget I bought anything. So I do most of it that day, and I love it. But I have missed the shopping with my mom.

Until this year! I am SO excited to be going to New Mexico because we are going to get to sop together again! I have been scouring the internet sites where the ads are already posted and creating a list of things I want to try to buy. And I will probably be able to.

My only problem is going to be getting them back home without the family seeing them.

So we are excited to travel so far and enjoy a meal together. I am thankful for the opportunity to do so and ready for the fun to arrive!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The red hat

This is what I found when I saw Jacob heading to his room for bed with a glass of water:

All tucked in:

And fast asleep:

Only my baby bone head would sleep with a hat on but not a shirt.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Because all I can think about right now is me.

Well because I have been asked to update from all the people who read (dad) and because it has been a while I thought it might be time.

Since we last spoke quite a bit has happened. Most importantly (to me) and painful (to everyone who is within earshot of my screams) I had my tonsils out a week ago today. It has been an interesting adventure to say the very least.

We woke up at the crack of dawn and got the kids across the street to the wonderful Mrs. Ann’s house so that we could be on our merry little way. Once we got into the van it would not start. The lights would dimly come on and then nothing. The car would not crank. So we figured it just needed a good jump. So we opened up the Tracker’s hood and attempted to jump it. For like 10 minutes. At this point I am scared we are going to be late and the Tracker while it does get us from point A to point B it NEVER leaves Round Rock. NEVER. And we had to go to Austin. I was worried, but we had to be on our way. So we hopped into the Tracker and headed off into the darkness of night.

We got into Austin and got lost. I knew where we were supposed to go, but it had been at least 3 years since I had been to that hospital and almost that long since I had been in that part of town. When we finally rolled into the parking lot we were 5 minutes late, but I figured they would be forgiving. By this point I had to go to the bathroom like nobody’s business but I had been told to hold it because they had to perform a pregnancy test on it before I was put under. But I had to wait for like 15 minutes before they called me back and I was allowed to use the potty. I was not pregnant, big surprise. Then I got to get all dressed up in this beautiful gown, cap and footies. I was stylin’ like you just don’t know it. Then they tried to start my iv. Tried is the operative word. I was poked 4 times before they finally got it to “stick” in my hand and I should have remembered that from all the other times I have had to have an iv, but, I forgot and was punished for it.

They gave me the good stuff awhile later and the next thing I know I am waking up in the “recovery” room. There was no recovery taking place, just lots of pain.

Then we go home and I sleep and take all the meds like I am told to. And the pain is killing me and I am SO itchy and my tongue is numb and I am having quite a bit of trouble breathing out. And that is not normal. So the next day we call the doctor because the itching was horrible, all over horrible. In between my toes, on my nose, the back of my knees. I am sure I looked like a meth addict I was so itchy. The nurse at the doctors office told us to go the ER, so we go. I am SO out of it because I can hardly speak and I am high on the drugs and they determine that I am allergic, big surprise. So they give me some benadryl and tell me to call the original doctor again. So we do and he is mad that we were told to go to the ER, but in hindsight, I am glad we went. Not for the $50 co-pay we had to pay, but because we went to the new hospital right by our house and we were in and out in an hour. That is good info to have in case of a real emergency (and we all know my kids, it is only a matter on time) and because they gave me benadryl which is what I continued to dope myself with even after getting a new Rx from the doc because the new one did NOTHING for the pain, so I went back to the old one and just threw some children’s benadryl over it to help the itching. And it worked.

So I am now a week after the surgery and I am hungry and in pain still. But I am alive and hopeful that I will feel better to eat turkey by Thanksgiving. And pie. I miss pie.

And if you are curious about the van the battery was indeed dead, so dead it would never start again, but still new enough to be under warranty so we were not out anything but time and a little frustration. And when I say we I mean Josh because he took care of it while I was in a narcotic induced coma after the surgery.