Friday, February 22, 2008


An update blog- nothing really interesting or life changing, but I haven’t been excited to speak about anything in particular, but have wanted to put “pen to paper” all week, and nothing seems to come out well.

Josh is enjoying his new job, it has its good and bad days and challenges. But I think that it is something he can excel in and I am excited to see him loving his job again.

Emily did well in the science fair. It was a few weeks ago and everybody got a participation ribbon. She enjoyed herself and was proud she had entered. I have a feeling we will be conducting 2 science experiments next year. She also has started to do better in school. We received a progress report last week and she has raised most of her grades and only one of them is below what we would like it to be. I think it was this time last year that she started doing better, so maybe it just takes her a little longer to grasp the concepts and run with them. When I gave her a spelling test last night she only missed 2 and they were the hardest 2 words, one which I still struggle with today. So I think we are trucking right along with school. The dreaded TAKS test is on March 5th and I am anxious for that to be behind us and get ready for the next one. I am confident she will pass, but nervous at the same time.

Jacob is going to drive me crazy. Plain and simple. He won’t eat, he poops in the bathtub and he has turned into this horribly whiny child. Last night we had another showdown over dinner. We had lasagna, which was really good for coming from a frozen box and he tried to throw up while “trying” it. I was so angry. It just about threw both Josh and I over the edge because all he eats is chips, crackers, carrots and rice crispy treats. Ugh, I don’t know what I am going to do with him. He got into big trouble at school this week and lost recess for the week and the Wii at home. He is just struggling in every way possible.

I am doing well. I am in the process of getting prepared to start looking for teaching positions again this spring/summer to begin in the fall. Hopefully if I hit it hard and fast this spring I will be able to go into the summer knowing that I will be in the classroom this fall. Also, I am busy planning our fabulous trip to Disney World and now a cruise with my best friend Amy. I love to travel and feel like this is the year to do it. I want to do and see as much as possible. I want to take the kids and expose them to as much as possible. I got called for Jury Duty! I am so excited. It is in a couple of weeks and I can’t hardly wait! I know it sounds silly, but I have wanted to be called for a while and I am so excited that I finally was. I hope I get picked and actually get to see the entire process.

So that is all for us. Same boring stuff as usual, but I need to break the writers block that I have.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Nerds

In high school we were the nerds. We were a group of friends that were relatively smart, liked to have a good time and were relatively well behaved. We had our stupid high school moments, like Kathryn yelling at the poor lady at a restaurant about some chicken in her salad, Vance letting me drive his mustang, Annika and I with our spider, Heather and my time in Germany, the drive to buy Garth Brooks concert tickets which resulted in a speeding ticket for me and our “Senior Trip” to White Sands. These were the people who I spent hours upon hours with, laughing, learning and just being kids. Many Friday nights spent at Village Inn, the Movies 8 and at all of our homes.

Just 2 years ago the last of my friends from high school got married. I was the first almost 10 years ago and Kathryn was 2 years ago. Two of my dear friends are pregnant right now, adding a fourth and fifth little “nerd” to the group of people. Three of the “nerds” don’t have children, yet. We are all busy living our lives in several different parts of the country and do our best to keep in touch via twice yearly email rounds in which we all update each other on any events that have taken place in our lives. If a significant event has taken place, such as an engagement or pregnancy we update each other immediately. It is exciting to be involved in these peoples lives still after all these years in any way possible. So far, any special update has always been great, wonderful news but unfortunately we all received horribly sad news about a week ago. My dear friend Annika, whom I have known since the 2nd grade has had a horrific event take place. The person who I confided in about a lump I found in my breast in high school and repeatedly urged me to tell my parents. The one whom with I created and performed a play in the second grade and wore matching Esprit sweatshirts in the fourth grade. She was the one friendly face in my classes when I moved back from the three years I spent in Germany. The spider. My dear friend Annika’s mother was in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago on vacation with her husband and was snorkeling. She fainted in the water and was taken to the hospital there in Puerto Rico and was there for several weeks. Last week they transferred her to Fairfax (where they live) and after consulting with several neurologists decided to take her off life support. She passed away Monday morning.

This news has devastated me and cemented me into my “middle-age” status. When I thought we were all doing well, getting married and having babies we are all shook by the event in which all of us know is coming. We all know all of our parents will eventfully pass away, but we are supposed to be quite a bit older than we are now. This kills me for Annika, for her siblings, for her father and for her little unborn baby boy who will never know his grandma “Big Mama.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


With the probing of my dear friend Amy I thought I would let you into what it was like to grow up in my house. I am an only child and was privy to many “adult” conversations and included in the sarcasm fests that would often time take over our house. My parents, a conservative and a liberal (in ALL ways, shapes and forms of the word) made for an interesting time growing up. I like to think I came out right in the middle- a little bit of both mixed together and created the mess that I am. Now because they are as opposite as white and black, they have always “bickered” over things which really don’t matter. Not ever really fighting, no chairs thrown or angry words but a good jabbing from both of my parents to each other and myself has always been the norm. And then it crossed into blogland.

I never knew I would get such a strong reaction from my post on the great NKOTB. But apparently my parents have some strong feelings about the concert that I was taken to back many, many years ago. Here are their comments from my previous entry.

Lets make one thing very clear. Your parents did not drive 8 hours to see the NKOTB
concert. They drove 8 hours so you and your friends could see the concert. Dear old Dad
never even went into the concert hall - he spent the evening in the hallway with the rest of
the taxi drivers.DoD

Your father complains a little too much. The truth, as I remember it, was that he begged to go
to the concert and you FINALLY conceded to let him go. I think he was on the front row
singing along to "The Right Stuff".Momwho has a much better memory that DoD

And there you have it. I am surprised that it ended there, to be honest. But I think what is even funnier is the image of my very conservative father on the front row with his hand in the air waving along to “The Right Stuff”. And if you have ever met my father, this should be hilarious to you as well!

Monday, February 11, 2008


So, what is one to do with a few hours to kill on a Sunday afternoon and no desire to clean her house?

Why this of course:

I watched every video and sang to every song and hoped and prayed that a reunion was in fact going to happen. As they were the first boy band of my era, they will always hold a place in my heart. I knew every song they sang- but none of the dances, because living overseas at the time, we did not get MTV, and I didn't see many of the videos until years later. But my parents did drive me over 8 hours on their anniversay to see them in concert, so I can't complain too much, can I?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Life has really been eating me alive this week. I have been super, duper busy with not a moment in time to work on anything truly fun. with the exception of actually booking the trip and making quite a few other plans.

So, let’s see, what has been going on here…

On Tuesday night we had a second failed attempt to attend the science fair. We now know FOR SURE it is next Tuesday. We got a note home yesterday confirming this. I am about ready to kick myself over it. Plus, you have to love how the PTO hi-jacks the affair and requires that you attend the PTO meeting before the Science Fair. I get that that the PTO is important, but, everybody volunteers in their own ways and the Sumpters have sold their soul to all things Scout.

Wednesday night we hurried up and headed over to church. The kids have this new class that they really seem to enjoy- it is more activities based and they are excited to attend church on Wednesday night, which is more than I could say when I was their age. I also enjoy going because we have begun a new Beth Moore study. I think I will really enjoy it, I just got my book this week, because I was out of town last week. So now I am playing a little bit of catch up but I am excited at the possibilities.

Last night we had Boy Scouts, at our house. 7 boys that are 7 years old running around like hose monkey’s, need I say more?

And then, there is the cookies. Thank goodness we are only 2 full weeks away from the end of the sale. Emily is about 380, still a ways to go to hit her mark, but we have three booths this weekend and hopefully we will boost those numbers up here this weekend. Work has dried up, I have only sold like 6 boxes all week, yuck. I was selling 20 boxes a day the first week. So, I hope we can make our goal of 540 and she can earn all the stuff she is aiming for. I am ready to be done, because I am afraid we are going to end up with a ton of cookies. I am not checking anymore out because I am afraid to have to turn them back in. I am not going to be the one to turn in too many. Not me, no sir-ee.

So there is our life in a nut-shell.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have nothing today. Work has sucked the soul right out of me. I have tried several times to be cute, witty, profound and I got nothing. I can tell you all about the property I saw last Monday if you like, but trust me, you don’t want to know.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Wow, it is actually going to happen

Wow, it is almost real. We are really going on this long awaited trip and I can hardly believe it. I have wanted to return to Disney World since I last left it almost 8 years ago. I love the magic and whimsy of it all. Even though I have seen the underbelly of the “show” that they produce everyday while working there, I still love the idea of taking my children to such a wonderful place. Even though I have seen The Little Mermaid smoking out back with her fin unzipped, I want more to see my kids faces light up when they see the castle.

We have been planning this trip for years, the kids have heard me talk about it time and time again. I think Jacob is excited at the possibility (as he gave me the money he made in his garg sell yesterday to go towards our trip to Disney World, even though he doesn’t know we are going in 3 months!) of going, I don’t think he even really knows what the whole thing is about, but he is still excited at the possibilities. And even though Emily has been to the Magic Kingdom she doesn’t remember it, and when we talk about it her eyes light up. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see where we are going.

And now it is almost real, because today, I bought the flights for Emily, Jacob and I. We will see if Josh is going to come, haha- I am half a credit from getting a free flight, so we are holding off to book his, as I should get that extra credit sometime soon, hopefully. And then it will only cost $10 to book his flight to join us. It is an amazing feeling knowing that we are actually going. I can’t wait. It’s only 88 more days! I think I might drive Josh a little crazy talking about dining reservations and height requirements (Jacob can ride all but 2 as it stands right now, and he is only 2 inches short for those 2!). But I really don’t care who I drive crazy because this is our big vacation that I can’t wait to take!

Now I just have to get over my fear of calling and booking the room/tickets/meal plan. That really scares me for some reason.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Grag sell for kids

So what do you on a Sunday afternoon when mom has kicked everybody outside because it is finely a nice day and there is NO need to be inside playing on the computer, Wii or watching TV?

You have a garage sale for kids:

And someone actually gave my son money for half used pencils. I have to wonder about these neighborhood kids!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

A two week update

It has been a day or two since my last post and many things have happened around our household.

Most importantly I turned 30. It was a great day, I got everything I wanted and more. Except the promotion, but I didn’t let it dampen my day at all.

Cookie sales are going very well. As of this morning Emily was at 258 boxes sold and we have both a Wal Mart booth and a Wag A Bag booth tomorrow, so we should be able to kick it up over 300 in no time. We are ALMOST half way there. I am not sure we will make it, but I am sure hopeful! She is neck in neck with another girl in the troop for most cookies sold. It will be a race to the end!

Jacob had his pine wood derby last weekend. He only won one race in his heat, but he had a great time and I feel good about next years race. There were a ton of boys participating and there were some really neat cars racing.

Josh received official notification that he has been released from the county last week. A bit of a bummer, but not a surprise at all. The surprise is that because he could never take/have any time off his check for unpaid vacation and holiday pay is enough for us to take a nice little vacation. We are planning a nice little SURPRISE trip to Disney World this spring. We are not telling the kids, but I am so excited I may pee myself. Plus we can’t really tell the kids, because we have been having some trouble with behavior and don’t want it to seem like we are rewarding the bad behavior.

I guess nothing besides cookies and planning a surprise trip is going on with me. But that is plenty for me. And the whole turning 30, well, that was exhausting. I am glad its over and the stress of it has past. Now I just have to figure out how to get my face back up where it used to be.