Friday, October 28, 2005


I can hardly believe it myself, but it will be nine years on October 30 that Josh and I have been “more than friends.” I am so excited because we have gotten a babysitter for the evening and plan to party all night long…or as long as people with young children who wake up early and have colds can do it. We plan to go to eat at PF Changs. We both really like Chinese food, but rarely get to eat it. And when we do it is usually just from the little place down the street. This will be good stuff tonight. Plus we are going to go to a movie. Can you believe it? And it is a grown-up movie with no cartoon characters in sight. And what makes this even sweeter is I just happened to stop by the old La Quinta yesterday and saw my good buddy Frank the valet and he gave me $20 in movie money!! So now we can get dessert at dinner and not blow our budget for our night out! I am excited and trying desperately to figure out what I am going to wear, as I have no nice going on dates clothes anymore.
On a side note we have a busy weekend planned. Tomorrow we have Girl Scouts and Emily gets pinned. We have been working on the promise all week so she can get her pin. She is so excited. I am also proud to say to got her patches on her vest. Notice I didn’t say sewed the patches on, but they are iron-on and I did it with out any help. May sound silly to you, but I was proud of myself. Then tomorrow night we plan to go to a fall/Halloween festival that the YMCA is doing with free carnival stuff and free Bar b que (that’s how I got Josh to go J/K). And then we have church on Sunday and I have to go grocery shopping and all that whatnot at some point. Busy time for the Sumpters, but sure have fun doing it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Money men??

Well exciting news in the Sumpter house, we got our dryer fixed!!! Our builder finally got the job done. Once they pulled the cover off they found $2 in change and a pebble keeping the dryer from working. So we (when I say we, I mean Josh because I NEVER have change) learned to clean out our pockets before we do the laundry. This is extremely exciting news, as the laundry was beginning to mount. We usually do a load a day, and with Jacob and I being sick earlier in the week, we had mounds of it. I would not send my children to school in dirty underwear so we hit the washateria last weekend.
Now we had the $2 in change laying in the floor of the laundry room and Jacob found it. I was impressed because he only took a penny and a dime. But he carried the penny and dime around all evening looking at them thinking he had hit the jackpot. During dinner we were sitting at the table and he picked them up and asked "Mommy, are these the money men?" I did not have the power in me to not chuckle as I began to answer his so sweet and innocent question. Of course, Emily being a first grader now had all the answers, told him that they were Abe Lincoln, the first President of our country. Oh well...We are still learning. When we corrected her by saying, "No Emily the first President was George Washington." She just looked up at me and said, "No Mommy, he was the second one." Now I know at one time I thought France was a city in Paris and that a knuckle was a nickel but I am 27 years old and I know our first president was George Washington.
But Jacob now knows that the people who are the money men are not on the money, they just have a lot of it.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Emily decided she wanted try rolleing her hair into sponge rollers. So we went out to Walmart and bought two packages and this is what we got.

Picture of Josh, the kids and Biscuit