Friday, September 23, 2005

The hurricane

Well "Rita" is coming and we have had Multiple telephone calls from family asking about us and if are going to br affected. On Wednesday it looked as though we would be hit with heavy rain and strong winds, but then the storm moved tracks and now it looks like we are not going to get hit. This news did not stop Austin from going CRAZY!!!!! Full on nutty. The city has no water, no bread, and many places are running out of gas. Now, keep in mind the news of the storm changing directions came yesterday early morning. I had to go to the grocery, or we would not have had food...and we all now how rugrats like to eat so I ventured to the local Round Rock HEB not knowing quite what to expect. As I drive in I see people walking out with water in the baskets so I figure it can not be that bad so I park and go inside. I start my shopping by the paper towels and butter (don't ask me, HEB's design, not mine) and there is NO papergoods left. No papertowels, no toilet paper, no napkins. I do not know what people think a hurricane will bring, but I think we will be ok without papertowels. So I move along and shelves are empty. I personally do not ever remember a grocery store looking quite like this one looked today. I walked down the animal care row. I need cat food, Poor Oreo has no whiskers, but we should still be well feed. NO cat food. How weird is that. I mean, I am glad people are thinking of their pets, but does Austin think that we are not going to be able to leave our homes for weeks? So I move on and make a mental note to go to Walmart. So I move on to the milk. There is milk, but not much. So I search and find 2%. Unfortunately I still have to buy more because we forgot to bring in into thehouse last night, I could not figure out where it was until Emily found it in the back seat of the van. I sent it down the drain. Next I get yogurt. Normally I have to have someone help me get the kind Josh likes, because it is high on the shelf and usually well picked over. not today, Fully stocked. So people want milk, but no yogurt. Now there is water, and I go ahead Just in case and buy some bottles. But I buy the kind I know we will drink, with or without a hurricane. Next I go to the bread row. I am not exaggerating when I say there was NO bread. I was truly shocked. No bread? No taco shells? Just a few tortillas, and not the kind I like. And we all know how I feel about tortillas. So I truck right along to the cracker, popcorn isle. NO MICROWAVE popcorn. Okay people, if there is no electricity why, oh why are you buying the store out of a product that you HAVE to have electricity for. I mean the ramen and macaroni you COULD cook over a fire if it came to that, but microwave popcorn was shocking to say the least. There was plenty of fruit as well. I thought it would be gone, if everything else is gone, fruit would be the next to go. But no, people are only eating bread on their papertowels and I got the pick of the apples, lettuce and grapes. The lines were long and I got behind someone who was throwing a fit over a dollar. The guy was wrong and HEB was right and if I had a dollar bill in my purse I would have given it to him, just to get him to leave. But I was paying with a check. I still need to get gas, not beaus I am in panic mode, unless running out of gas on the wasy home from work would fill one with panic. Of course I could be wrong. We could get hit by the storm and I may eat my words in a week when we finally get electricity back, but somehow I doubt it.

Friday, September 16, 2005

My week away from home

What a week it was. I had my first experience traveling with my new job. The travel to Amarillo was not very exciting. Nothing fantastic to talk about. I left in the morning just like I would have if I was going into the office, but I went to the airport instead, after a “brief” stop at the bank. I say “brief” because it took them 20 minutes to figure out what I wanted and get me my money. I was so frustrated, but I need the cash, or I would have no way to pay for anything while I was gone. So we arrived in Amarillo and the hotel was very nice. I now know why my dad is a Hilton snob. It was very nice. Plus I like having the cable. So we went to the first review, and I found it interesting how nervous these poor Managers are. I understand they want to do well, but the more nervous they are the more I am apt to think they do not know what they are doing. The lady on the last day nearly wet herself when we walked in. And they know that we are coming. But what can I do, but be patient and hope they know what they are doing. The three properties that we went to this week were all elderly properties. No horrible details to tell you, except that the managers add and subtract as well as I do. Division really seems to give them a run for their money. All the older people were so nice and they had their homes SO clean. I only wish my home was as clean as theirs. I really did learn so much. I am anxious to start learning how to right the reports and go on the next review. I am thinking I will really enjoy this job. I like meeting the people, and helping them learn how to do what they need to do to be in compliance with HUD. I feel like I am helping the residence in a way, we are ensuring they have a clean, safe home to live in, and they are paying the correct amount of rent and they are told of their rights and responsibilities. It is rather fulfilling, but also VERY tiring. My plane was delayed on the way home. My bag got to Austin before I did. But I made it and was home in my bed just after midnight. Only three hours late. At least I did not have to sleep in the airport and catch a flight this morning.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Poor Oreo

I recieved a call from Josh while traveling to Amarillo about somethign "YOUR SON" had done. Jacob was being to quiet for his own good so Josh decided to check on him. Josh peaks his head around the corner and expects to see Jacob playing with his trains or playing with a puzzel as he often is doing when he is quiet. But what Josh saw was Jacob holding down the cat. He had taken the scissors from the kitchen and had already cut his whiskers off and was working on his fur. I feel so bad for MY kitty. He is such a good cat. He allows any kid to pick him up and drag him all over the neighborhood without scratching them. He allows the dog to nibble on his neck. He loves to sit on my lap while a pet him. And now he has no way to see at night. Jacob has all but blinded the poor kitty.
I love my Oreo.