Friday, June 29, 2007

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon to go on our journey to Kentucky to spend the week with almost ALL of my family. Only 4 people shy of the entire group! And I saw those four in May- so it has been a busy year with the family.

I am super excited and can't wait to see my kids- it has been too long! I miss those kids!

I have ALOT to do this afternoon. I have a doctors appointment, a trip to the library, a trip to HEB, and that whole packing thing.

I am going to the library to get books on tape. Josh and I really enjoy long trips where we can listed to books on tape. We recently found that one of Emily's favorite book series comes on tape as well so we are going to pick that up as well. For once the DVDs are tiresome.

Woohoo Kentucky- here we come!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When I called my mom last night I was able to talk to Emily for a minute.

I asked her what she was doing. Her response was, “Watching the rain fall.”

I miss them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Six Years

Six years ago yesterday I headed into the doctors office for my last bi-weekly appointments. I was going to start moving to weekly appointments the next week. The child was still right- side up which meant he was upside down. And they found something else was going on with him so they sent me straight from my appointment to the hospital. Thankfully I had left Emily with my Mother In Law and gone to the appointment alone.

I called all the appropriate people, Josh at the prison (that he worked at, not lived in) and I called his mother, as she was watching our first born and my parents. Josh freaked out, because it was 4 weeks early and while I was ready to not be pregnant, I really wasn’t ready. I checked into the hospital without my bag, without my husband and without any idea of what was to come. They of course out me on the fetal monitor and an IV and came in and did an extra ultra sound. I was able to almost see his face before he was born. They did an up close and personal picture of him that I got to keep. Not like the ultra sounds of today where you can actually see the faces. Then they turned him. While he was still inside. Because he was breech and wasn’t changing his mind anytime soon, they pushed and pulled on me and him like nobody’s business. And let me tell you. It was NOT comfortable. He was as stubborn as the doctors and nurses that were forcing him to change directions. They finally were able to get him upside down, right side up and let me rest. I was left to be and they gave me something to start the labor before I went to sleep that night. I really don’t remember to much about that night except I had to get up and go to the bathroom a million times because of the IV that was pumping fluids and every time I had to get up I had to call a nurse because I was hooked up to SO many things. The next day I was officially in labor and I of course asked for the epidural as soon as possible because I am a big pain weenie.

The epidural did not take. Lets just say that again. The epidural did not take.

So I am going along and I am tired and I am in pain and I am SO OVER this and I want to be done. It didn’t look like he was coming anytime soon, as it was going VERY slowly. I was not very dilated when they came to check me so everybody decided to leave and get some dinner. Josh’s mom was going to take Emily home because we weren’t sure the little man was going to join us before it was time for her to go to bed. Josh walked Emily and his mom out and to her car. And left me alone. I guess when I am left alone Jacob wants to join me. Because then it was PAIN. Goodness, pain like I had never felt before. I called Josh on his phone telling him to get back up to the room. NOW. When he got back he went and got the nurse. She was very reluctant to come and check me again because she just had checked me literally 15 minutes prior. But Josh insisted and she came and I was nearly ready.

So everyone goes into panic mode. Both sets of grandparents had just left. So Josh contacts everyone and they start making their way back to the hospital. His mother and Emily were getting stuck at every light possible. My mom and dad barely made it back in time.

Little Jacob joined us in the world at 5 pounds 12 ounces and was 18 ¾’s inches long. A little old thing.

He has always been little since then and he has been just as stubborn. He his a fantastic little boy who gives me heart ache and joy.

Happy Birthday, my baby Jaocb.

On July 4th, only 8 days old.

Taken in June- almost 6 years old.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Childless and it feels so......weird.

Josh and I have had quite a bit of quiet time since the children went off to New Mexico. We almost don’t know what to do with ourselves. We had a late dinner out on Monday, we didn’t even come home until after 8:30 (which is completely unheard of for us). We are actually getting to talk. Like real live grown-up talk. I almost don’t know what to think about all of it.

Sadly, I do not miss my children yet. I think it is because I am still working 8 hours a day and commuting forever everyday and have my mind on all this silly teacher stuff (which, on a side note, I officially put my application, copies of transcripts and a lovely little check to the agency in the mail this morning on the way to work. I will be officially accepted after they check and make sure I actually went to college and what-not). I think I will start missing them today. Josh is working and I get off at 4:30. I will have quite a bit of time alone. Which is nice in theory, but lonely at the same time. I will probably turn up the stereo and get to work in their rooms. I have stripped their beds and pulled all the laundry out of there, I just need to go ahead and get it good and clean while they are gone. Now is my opportunity to shed some of the junk they have collected. While I have to admit isn’t nearly as much junk as it was at one time. Plus, I would love to be able to surprise them with something new in their playroom- what? Who knows, but I gotta get it cleaned up before I can do anything.

But it is bizarre not having the kids. it is different this time. I mean, we did go for a week last summer without them, but it seemed like a rushed week and we didn’t get to spend any quality time together. This time- I feel like it will be forever until I see my kiddos again. I won’t see them for another 12 days! Not that I am counting or anything.

Monday, June 18, 2007


On Saturday I took Jacob and Emily to the airport to catch their plane to New Mexico to visit their grandparents. On the way to the airport I was discussing with the children about the security and the lines and what not that they would have to do once we arrived at the airport. Because in today’s world my kids never go upstairs through the security on a regular basis. I think Jacob has only done it once in his life ever. So I was explaining that they would have to allow their backpacks to go though the X-ray machine and they would have to take off their shoes and put them through as well. Jacob asked, “Why do I have to take my shoes off?” I responded with, “Well, one time a man put a bomb in his shoes and tried to get on the airplane. He was trying to hurt people, but they caught him, so now, you have to take your shoes off when you get on the plane to make sure you don’t have a bomb in your shoe.” I thought that would have answered any questions that either kid might have had, but then Jacob decided to say bomb about 14 times in the next 3 minutes.

“I don’t have a bomb in my shoes.”

“I don’t have a bomb in my bag.”

“I don’t have a bomb with me.”




Over and over again. I thought I might just die right there in the car driving to the airport. He would not stop saying bomb.

SO I calmly explained to him that he could NOT say that word once we got to the airport, or he wouldn’t be seeing MeMaw and PePaw today, because he could go to jail. Emily promptly told me he was too little to go to jail. I told her- Whatever- he could get into lots of trouble. So STOP IT!

Once we arrived he did not say bomb one time. I was so proud of him. However, while waiting in the line for security he saw all lighters and matches that had been discarded prior to going through the security line and we talked about how it wouldn’t be good for a fire to start on the plane to which he tells me, “Yeah, cuz it would go BOOM and then down.” With the little hand motions of a plane falling from the sky.

I just wanted to die once again. Hoping that nobody though we were planning to take over a plane. Because we SO were not. I just have a little boy who loves explosions and airplanes.

Emily waiting for the plane reading her new magazine.

Is our plane here yet?

It's here!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007


The kids are nearly packed. I only have to add a shirt for Emily and a (1) sock for Jacob. And then pack their on the airplane backpacks. And there I only need to add the DVD players that are charging and split up the crayons and add a few chapter books to Emily’s bag. And they will be ready to go. This morning Emily asked me if it was Saturday yet. I said- Not yet, but tomorrow. They are ready to go. Mrs. Ann has quite a fantastic day planned of swimming at the Round Rock pool, Gattiland and a relaxing afternoon watching a movie. They will be pooped.

We went to Chuy’s last night for a fathers day celebration since the kiddos will be gone on Sunday. Josh loved the ipod shuffle and was walking around with it last night as we were packing and cleaning up. I am super happy that he likes it. We had a good time once Emily got out of her funk and we just had a fabulous time.

I am excited that my kids get to have their fabulous vacation, but I am ad and scared fro them at the same time. It is probably a good thing that we have our company picnic right after I drop the kids off at the airport. Otherwise I might be a basket case for the next two weeks.

The ball Emily caught

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a banner week for Emily it has been.

After she won the tickets to the baseball game she actually "caught" a ball during the game. And becasue the kids had been so well behaved during the game Josh and the kids waited after the game to get a few of the players to sign the ball. She could not have been more excited. Seriously. I have a picture of her and the ball, stuck on my camera becasue I have to find the cord.

The kids are super excited about flying to see the grandparents in a few days. It works out the Chelsa leaves on Friday and the kids leave Sat morning. No time to grieve her leaving, because we have our own fun to have.

We are celevrating Fathers Day tonight since the kids will be gone on Sunday. I think Josh will really like his present, it is after all what he asked for. So all should go well there.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yesterday Emily won tickets to the Round Rock Express game from our new favorite pizza place, Papa Murphy’s. She always wants to fill out those little cards, and I remember letting her do it one day a few months ago. It was quite humorous when I went to pick them up, because they asked for and ID. I pointed to Emily and said, “She is Emily, she doesn’t have an ID. But here is mine, the address is the same.” I think they almost didn’t believe me. So the game is tonight and the kids are going with Josh while I am at my info session on teaching certificates.

We also purchased two brand new suitcases for the kids trip to New Mexico and then onto Kentucky. I had finally decided to just bite the bullet and buy the $25 kids ones I found on Sunday, but couldn’t bear to purchase, but after consultation with my mother and father and their preference to having two small ones instead of one big one, I figured I would just do it. Besides, my big one- has seen MUCH better days and is falling apart due to all of my travels. So we went to Target after I got home last night, but it was a different Target and they didn’t have the same luggage I had seen on Sunday. So, I looked around and decided on some MUCH cheaper small “adult” suitcases for $9.99 a piece- I said- that’s it, we will take it. I have another very small piece if we need to send three, but I think we should be ok with their backpacks and the small luggage. But I got out of Target with the two suitcases and a new swimsuit for Emily (which I now have to return today- ARGH!) for what one suitcase would have cost. So I am VERY happy about that. So tonight I am going to start pulling underwear and socks and dresses for them. Also, mom, don’t worry, I think I am simply going to mail Jacob’s present to Mamagrand this weekend. That way you don’t have to transport them.

The kids are brown from swimming and are antsy to see their MeMaw. FYI Mom, Emily is most excited about: seeing Shrek the Third, and watching the bunnies after dinner. And swimming.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Well-we offially opened the pool this weekend and fun ensued.

We ended up wth 8 kids before the day was over. We have the only pool (so far) this summer. Several had one last year, but we are the only house to have not disposed of the pool at the end of last year. We just emptied it and stored it in the garage until a few weeks ago. The kids had a great time for about 5 hours! Emily ended up starting a nasty sunburn and finishing it on Monday. I am out of town in Little Rock and she went running in spinklers on Monday and burnt to a crisp according to Josh.

And then today, Jacob got stung by a bee in out garage. Lovely. I can't wait to be home.