Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Turdy, RIP

I may or may not have mentioned the latest addition to our house in the pet department. Last summer while the children where in Kentucky with my parents, Emily caught a turtle. And because Josh and I had yet to join them in Kentucky my mother thought it would be ok for the kids to keep the turtle.

Now keep in mind that we already have to very obnoxious dogs and one king of the household cat.

So she purchased a cage, some food and a name for him (Turdy) and he came all the way back home with us from Kentucky. He lived on our kitchen counter for all this time. Now Oreo, the cat, has taken an interest in the turtle. But he would only lean down and look into the cage and push the cage out from the wall. I could tell he was interested, but he never seemed menacing, or appear to be a true threat to Turdy. He was after all, in a cage.

Well, the circle of life has shown its ugly head her in our house. Oreo figured out how to open the cage. My mother in law found the cage open a few times on Thursday, but always closed it back up and went about her business. On Friday morning, the cage was open and the turtle was missing.

Josh and I received a frantic phone call at 6am from Emily telling us that Turdy was missing. She was quite beside herself and was weeping into the phone. About 10 minutes later we received another call informing us that he had been found in the hallway, and that his shell was cracked, but he was still alive.

People, that is not good news, at least according to the internet.

So they placed him back into the cage and off to work and school everybody went. However, once they returned home, he was no longer with us.

Josh and I returned home from Little Rock that evening and we held our second family funeral. It was very sad and mournful. Emily was so distraught she was unable to participate, or attend the entire service. It has been a rough week and hopefully we will all heal in time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bullets, again

I have hit a bit of a writing block. Not that all of my loyal 3 fans are missing anything fabulous in my writing, but just fir prosperity I am going to write a little bit… in bullets.

  • Last week I was in Little Rock, AR for my job. I was told I “get” to drive a company car, rather than fly and because of this Josh came with me. We had a nice time, but it was no vacation, like I think Josh expected it to be.
  • Emily got in trouble in school while we were in Arkansas, for calling a kid a butt face. Yeah, Emily- at least she didn’t hit him this time. So we are making progress with her. Now we just have to work on expressing our anger in a positive way.
  • This weekend Emily spent the night over at her friend Claire’s house. Claire does not live in the neighborhood and Claire is usually very nice to Emily. Emily had a fabulous time and enjoyed herself so much. When she got home I asked her how it went and if she had fun to which she exclaimed, “YES!” I responded with, “Isn’t it nice to play with girls who aren’t mean to you?” I was thrilled she got some good girl time.
  • Jacob is growing like a weed. He is eating constantly, too bad it is pop-tarts and cheetos. Last night Josh made something new for dinner and of course Jacob wasn’t interested in eating it, so he ate an apple, carrots and grapes. I have such a weird child.
  • I finally bought new glasses last night. The ones I currently have were purchased at least 2 and a half years ago, if not even longer than that. And when I got the contacts that I currently have my prescription had changed quite a bit with my astigmatism and now I can see so clearly with my contacts. I have just been dealing with my glasses, only wearing them when absolutely necessary because the prescription is so bad, but I decided I just needed to do it and I went out last night and bought a pair. And, if I had wanted to, they would have been ready last night! I am going to pick them up today, but they were ready in the same day!!!! That has NEVER happened to me before. Usually when I walk into an eyeglasses store that has glasses ready in around an hour they tell me, “Well ma’am, for most prescriptions, but not for yours.” I am thrilled and can’t wait to be able to watch TV in the evenings with a clear view.
  • In very exciting news… Josh changed the breaks in the tracker and, wait for it, fixed the car door!! We now have 2 cars with at least 2 doors each that work!! It is very exciting news in our house. Jacob was thrilled to help with the breaks and even more thrilled about the door. He had been quite worried about it for some time now.

That is about it. We are in the thick of it here, with school, scouts for both kids, dance and soccer starts soon… oh and both of us have 2 jobs. We are living life to it’s fullest. I just hope it doesn’t catch up with us anytime soon.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Yes, it is me... Susan. So my old template died on me. It simply disapeared. I have NO idea what happened- so we are going to try this. I just can't figure out my links!!! ACK!

I am going to go to a Girl Scout leaders weekend today and will be gone until Sunday. I am excited! I hope that I recognize a few faces.

The new job may kick my butt. I was up until midnight last night and then had to be up at 5:30 to get to work by 7:30 this morning. I am BEAT!!!

Luckily Josh is helping me pack and being wonderful. I love him so.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I got the job. I was not surprised, I am now a part time employee of the Disney Store, again. I worked yesterday and thought I might die. My feet were killing me. But I think I have recuperated. I needed this job because when I begin student teaching in the spring- I will have no other income and well, that just won’t work. It isn’t the highest paying job (in the least) but I plan to just take it and dump it into a little savings account and have it ready for use next year. And I am sure I will get plenty of hours during the holidays.

I also officially will not loose my tonsils, yet. I have been put on a 30 day regiment of antibiotics to try and kill the infestation that is taking place in my tonsils. He said that if I get strep again that I would have them out. But I have a follow-up appointment in a month and I think I am going to lay out my situation and ask if we can’t just take the bad boys out. I don’t want to wait to get it again. Really. I hate having strep. It takes me forever to feel normal again.

The kids are doing well. Emily went to a last minute slumber party at Chelsa’s house on Saturday night and had a great time. I had to work in the nursery and she helped as well and loved being with the babies. She was real nervous at first, but became very comfortable. She asked if she could help every Sunday. I think it is a combo of liking the babies and getting out of service. I think we can compromise and let her work once a month. She seemed cool with that idea. But she did nap on Sunday afternoon. She was beat. Today is her first dance class, I hope she enjoys it.

Jacob is a mess. Nothing new there. His first tiger scout meeting is tomorrow, and I think he is very excited.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Sikness and Business

Ugh, I have been sick. I have had strep throat again. It is the third time in 9 months. Almost exactly. I am sick and tired of having strep throat. So I have an appointment on Monday to find out what my deal with strep is. And there is the possibility of having my tonsils removed. Because seriously, who needs them? I don’t, and if it keeps me from getting strep I am giving it the green light. I hate having it. It is really sad now, because I don’t even have to ask Josh to look into my throat and say, do you see any white spots. I wonder if this is strep, hmmmm. Nope, I wake up and I just know. I make an appointment and get some drugs. Only they wouldn’t give me the shot this time. Which was not cool. The shot totally helped me last time. I felt SO much better SO much faster. But I guess that I “caught” it to fast and it hadn’t mutated as much as the previous time. Luckily the kids and Josh don’t show signs of the illness, so it is just me that is having issues.

On another, more fun note- We were the sign your kids up for everything people yesterday. We are officially signed up for Soccer and Boy Scouts for Jacob and Dance class (1 for now, but we maybe adding another) and of course she is already signed up for Girl Scouts. Josh volunteered to be the leader of Jacobs “den” for Boy Scouts and so I think we might be a little bit crazy. Between all that, our regular jobs, our second jobs and my school. Wow. Oh yeah, I am pretty sure I got a second job as well. Gotta start saving for my student teaching in the spring. I should find out real soon if I got it, but I feel more confident about this one than any other job I have tried to get ever. And we are keeping our neighbor girl on Tuesday nights over night. (That should be interesting, we may have to have her sleep in Jacob’s room, to get her and Emily not to chat all night long) So, our poor little cars are going to be going a million miles this year, but I am excited. Once we get into the routine we should be good to go. The kids should be beat on an almost nightly basis. Which is always a good thing!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Our weekend recap

I was out of town for the end of last week, and my work computer crashed while I was out of town so I had no opportunity to blog anything until I got home and then we had a fabulously busy and productive weekend with little time for writing.

So on Friday afternoon I flew home and was able to pick my kids up from school. It was great. They were so excited to see me when they walked out the door of the school. I was thrilled to see them as well! I really do miss the little boogers while I am out of town now. I used to enjoy a few days of freedom, but now, I just miss them.

Once we had walked home we loaded up and off we went to the outlet mall. I needed to pick up a gift for a wedding we were attending and both children needed new church shoes. I found the present pretty easily and I even found a new dress for me for 50% off! We headed over to Payless for shoes because my daughter, my 8 year old daughter wears a size 6 in womens. I didn’t wear a size 6 until after I had given birth to her. And adult womens shoes at the outlet mall are all stripper shoes. We were successful after a bit of a pity party on Emily’s account and a mad search for shoes in Jacob’s size.

On Saturday we headed out early in the morning to the Home Depot for their childrens activity. The kids love doing this and they enjoyed this one as well. We built football hangers. We were also able to get the last project which was memory boxes. I think Emily will really enjoy doing this when we do it in the next couple of weeks.

After that we went home and fixed the fence that the dogs had broken while I was out of town and stained the bench that sits in our front lawn. It is a beautiful color now. I just love it. At this point we all got dressed for the wedding and headed out to Liberty Hill. Emily loves weddings and I always enjoy going to weddings, so we had a good time. Emily always thinks that the bride is beautiful.

After the wedding we dropped the kids off with grandma and Josh and I had our first date in ages. We went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum and ate at The Saltgrass. It was fabulous. I loved the movie and the steak.

The next day was fix a bunch of broken stuff and do laundry day at our house. We were highly productive and it was really nice.

On Monday I had a gift certificate for Build a Bear Workshop, so we headed out to the mall and built some bears. The kids had a great time and love their new bears. While at the mall I passed by Dillards and they were having their 75% off sale on shoes, so I poked around a bit and found a pair of shoes for me and Emily with a total of under $20. After the mall we headed over to Amy’s and hung with her for a while. We headed out with her and her children to a teachers store as she is home schooling and I needed multiplication flash cards for Emily. We both found lots of treasures, but were extremely well behaved. And then we went to the Goodwill Outlet. Who knew such a store existed? Amy found lots of clothes and I found a few things for Emily and a bike for Jacob. He needs a new bike as the one he has is made for a 2 year old. So I picked him up a bike for $6 and while it needs some TLC I think that Josh will have it ready for him to ride by the weekend and without killing our budget.

So that is my lovely weekend all rolled up into a whole lotta boring. But I had a great time, hanging with my husband, my kids and my best friend. Who could ask for anything more?