Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I have decided that I want to cook cupcakes, and not just the regular ones, from a box, but from scratch, work on decorating them with more that just icing from a tub. Josh bought me a cupcake book from the grocery store and I thought, why not try and make some of these? They are fairly simple, they look yummy and have a little in the way of decorating and a little in the way of baking. I am going to attempt to make a batch a day- so if you are a local friend, be ready to have some cupcakes dropped on your front step. I want to practice, but not get as wide as a house while doing it.

So today, while it is the 2nd day of summer, I made my first batch.
pink velvet cupcakes.
It is all completly from scratch.

So here we go:

The ingrediants- well most of them. I forgot to show the eggs. But otherwise it is all there.

Here is the batter. Does it not look too die for! It taste delicious! Not that I tried any.

Here is the finished product: Is it not beautiful!

I wouldn't feel right if I made you think that I made those and they were all that beautiful. I had my fair share of poor looking ones. But they all tasted the same!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I grew up in a town with 4 options for a church of my religion. The Spanish speaking one, the ultra conservative one, the ultra, ultra conservative one and the last one, sort of a middle of the road, medium sized church. We went to the latter. We never spoke of lent in my church. I knew about it because the rest of the churches in my town were Catholic. However, lent was never brought up. I never had to choose what to give up, I never had to make the sacrifice.

A few years ago it became “all the rage” to give something up for lent. I felt like all the cool Christians were doing it. I felt like they were doing it to be cool, to make a statement, to rub their Godliness in others faces. I know that I was probably wrong in that, now that I am so much older and wiser. Insert sarcasm here.

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and while we were making our dinner I mentioned that we should give something up for lent. It had been on my mind for a few weeks and since yesterday would have been the day to decide if we would participate, I mentioned it.

Josh immediately said, “You should give up Freebirds and Papa Murphys!” I almost died on the spot. He had me pegged. Because we had never participated in lent before, we discussed with the children the basic idea. We should sacrifice something small to say thank you to Jesus and God for giving up something SO very BIG. Emily immediately replied with, “Wow, Mom, use God against me.” We all had a good laugh at that one.

So after we sat for dinner we discussed several options for the kiddos to choose from. Some of the options were candy, computer time, Wii time, texting, brownies, soda and homework. It was decided after much debate that the kids would give up soda and Josh and I would give up Freebirds and Papa Murphys. It was an interesting time of conversation in our house around the dinner table, one that I enjoyed and am glad I have to reflect on.

So this year, we are participating in lent. Because we should be able to give up something that we enjoy for 40 days. The Lord gave up so much more than that for us.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I write real good.

My mother is bugging me that I have not updated in a while, so here I go, trying to give it a try.

The problem is that I always surround myself with people who can write better than I can. I like to think that I am a rockstar writer, but I really know better. I am average at best. I have attempted to write several books. That is laughable at best, seeing as how I am a mediocre writer, I can’t spell to save my life and my story is fairly mediocre.
But then I think about the writing “training” I obtained while growing up. And while I am not perfect, it did teach me more than I will ever know. Mrs. Garcia, Mr. Tomlin, Mrs. Comer and my mother taught me how to write a proper paper, how to write a letter, how to write both professionally and creatively. You see when I was in high school I thought I was a fabulous writer, mostly because (once again) I surrounded myself with fabulous writers. I believe Mrs. Comer gave me my first “C” on a paper and it just about sent me over the edge. I was not used to that. I scheduled a conference with her to discuss the paper and she didn’t budge. She told me it was truly “C” quality work. Which was true, I hadn’t given it my all. It changed the way I wrote and approached writing. I never was as good as those around me, but I know that because of the tons of edited papers that each of the previous mentioned people gave to me, for all the red ink that has bleed over all over my work I became better. And because my mentors where so tough on me it made me become better. It made me try harder. It made me re-read my work, looking for mistakes (except spleeing (leaving, cuz, well- let’s be real it is truth)) and really giving it my all.

I am certainly not good now, but I am thankful that I can push publish and not be embarrassed about what I have written. Well, at least after I run it through spell check.