Friday, July 21, 2006

Nothing new to report, just working and praying that the summer will end so that school will start. I can not wait for school to start, I am so ready for my poor kids to have a routine again. They are having a pit of a rough time not having one at the moment. Only three more weeks until school is in. We are excited! Or maybe I am …

Sunday, July 16, 2006


The stars know a shine no greater than that of a true friend
The ocean knows a depth no more unfathonable that that of the warmest touch in the coldest moments
There never was a mountain tall enough to equal true compassion in majesty
In all of nature's glory, there is nothing that can claim the same treausres as a gentle kiss blown in the harshest of winds
Friendship cannot be meausred in quanity nor can it be measured in volume
It is one of the indescribable pleasures of this life that can only be known when the heart is open and the mind is unaware
--Amydodd, 1997 or 1998

I was cleaning, I know, everyone can pick theior mouths up off the table, and ran across my folder of important letters, poems and cards I have collected from my friends over the years and found this poem that a dear friend of mine gave me back when we were in the early stages of planning our cruise and helped me in during some very difficult times. She was still Amydodd at that time, thus the refrence to her in that manner. She lived in the next room when she wrote this poem and now she lives less than 5 miles from house, and I enjoy her any time I can.

Thanks for being my best friend Amy.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Reunion

Here are some pictures I recieved from the reuinon, becasue none of the ones I took came out very well. The first picture is of Myself, David Mosley and Meleia. A group that probably never would have been together in highschool, that is why I loved my reunion! I was friends with both in school, but I don't know that they knew each other, but we had a great time together!! You can also see on Daivd's right hand his Final Four ring, he was so very proud, and showed anybody that would look. In the background is Luke Porter, another basketball player, also very nice at the reunion.
This second one is of David, Serina, Kelly Nelson, Annika and myself. I love how we all have to look up to talk to Daivd! He has to be one of the nicest, funniest guys I know. He won most sthletic at the reunion, but that was not really any suprise, as he plays international pro-basketball in Venezulia. As I look at this picture, it is funny to me...I have known David since we were like 3 and I have known Annika since the 2nd grade, so when we were 7 we were playing on the playground together, making up plays, she always allowed me to boss her around.
At last, is one of myself with Bill McCamley and Tito Armati. Two guys I never hung with in school. I do beleive Tito is the most changed since school. He used to have this big, crazy afro-on a white kid, and now he has short hair. He is that guy that is still in college, becasue he likes it. Because he likes the younger girls, and the ability to buy liquor. Bill is a city councilman. I don't know that I beleive in his politics, but he did get some personality over the last 10 years, something he lacked very much so in high school.

Over all it was a great time. I am so glad I went and I am thankful that Heather did SO much work to get it together, she deserves a metal!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's been a while

I haven’t updated my blog in…too long to count. I enjoyed looking at “my” mountains every time I opened up the page. But alas, much has happened since the trip to New Mexico.

The reunion was fabulous. Everybody was well behaved and nice to each other. People talked to me that NEVER would have said hello to me in high school. It was a nice time. It was great catching up with everybody and I enjoyed spending some down time with the family.

The week after we returned, Josh and I were children free. We did nothing exciting. We did eat out together twice and enjoyed the conversation that adults have without crazy kids running a muck in a restaurant. The kids returned home on Friday with my parents in tow. Waiting for them was Josh’s cousin, Shaylyn, whom is 14 and one of the sweetest kids I know. She has her moments, as does everyone, but it has been a pleasure having her stay with us. On Saturday we had Jacob’s birthday. He had a train party, because, he loves trains. We let all the neighborhood kids come over and go swimming and have cake and ice cream. A good time was had by all. Jacob received several toys that he loves and loved the piƱata.

The next Saturday we all (Josh, Emily, Jacob, Shaylyn, Pam and myself) went to Waco to go to the zoo. I love the Waco zoo. It is great! It is just the right size for kids who are not old enough for an 8 hour day at the zoo. After the zoo we went to the Dr. Pepper museum and took Shaylyn to have her first ever Dairy Queen! Those crazy folks out in California don’t have DQ, I don’t know what’s up with that.

I picked my parent up from the airport on Sunday, they spent the week in Nicaragua and were glad to be home, where we have running water and electricity. The took the kids shopping for school clothes (which I am having a hard time keeping Emily out of) and we enjoyed seeing them for a day or two. The fourth was nothing to special for us. I spent most of the day with Amy, who is very special, and her kids. We went to Target and Goodwill and had lunch at Chick-fil-A. It was so fun to hang with her and her kids. All the kids got along fairly well. After all that shopping we went back to our house and went swimming and the grown-ups just chatted. It was nice to talk to her, in person, not through the phone. After some swimming and some time watching Thomas the tank engine Josh brought home some fireworks and we set of all the noisy ones and I took Amy home. We had a cook-out and had Josh’s mom over and watched a bit of TV before going to bed early. We are such losers.

However, I have come to a decision. I am going to be checking out the opportunity of getting my teachers certificate. Whenever I am unhappy with a job I start to think about trying to get my teaching certificate. So I know What I am doing now is not what I want to do forever. I do not have a passion for it, and this job requires a passion. So I start to think about what I want to do, and the idea of teaching comes to mind. I think nothing of it and push it back down inside me. Then I am looking at the paper on Sunday and there is an ad for a school to get your teaching certificate. I go to the web site and decide I am going to call and setup a meeting to see if this is something I can do. So I maybe going back to school for a year, 2 classes in the fall, 2 in the spring and 2 in the summer. From what I understand they meet once a month, and do the rest on-line. So keep me in your prayers that I can actually get his done, and it is where I am suppose to be.