Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mary Kay

Okay, so I am trying to get this Mary Kay business up and running. I have been thinking about doing this for more than a couple of years, and I decided to give it a go and see what happens. Now I am really excited about this and I need to sell some products right away in order to buy some inventory. So, if you are at all interested in purchasing something from me I have to raise a lot of money fast and would love to sell you some make-up. If you don't know what you want you can go to my directors web page, because I don't have one set up yet. Go there and look, but don't buy off the web site, email or call me and I will order it for you. Please help me get started, I would be so appriciative.

My website is

We had some good news yesterday… Emily has been taken out of her extra reading help, because she is on target for her grade level!!!!! This is great news because around Christmas time it was questionable if she would promote into the second grade, but we have worked her hard and we can tell the difference. I think she was a little sad because she had to give back her special bag and books that she used while participating in the extra reading activities, and Ms. Garza was very nice to her, but, she is reading!!! She loves to read, and she reads her books to Jacob and he loves it as well. I am so happy!! That was the only good thing about yesterday, Ugh, I hate how much medical care costs. It total sucks! I wish we could all just go to the doctor and be taken care of and not have to pay, but then I wouldn’t live in America if that were the case.
Oh well at least my daughter can read, which does have its down sides, Josh and I can not spell words out anymore, because she can figure out what we are talking about. Lots more to talk about after the kids go to bed than before. J

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Full of Doctors

Well, it has been a while because I was out of town on business. Doesn't that sound so cool. Ha, not really.

Just a few things, Emily fell this weekend and chipped a tooth, and adult front tooth. But fear not, she is at the dentist right now getting it fixed--in addition to her appt next week to get the sealant in order to protect the poor girls teeth, she is so prone to cavities. Thanks Josh!

Just found out it is going to cost $167.00 to fix Emily's tooth, Ugh

I have a dentist appt next Monday, and I am scared!!! I haven't been in a while, like a long while. But I have no excuse. I have good insurance and need to just do it. While I was looking up Emily's doctors phone number yesterday, I decided to just go ahead and make myself an appointment as well. I am NOT looking forward to it.

Next, I had a doctors appt this morning because I found a "thing" on my left shoulder. Not really sure what it is. It looks like I have been branded by Target, because I shop there so much. I have been referred to a dermatologist and have an appt in 2 weeks. The doctor this morning just said, well, I am not sure what that is, but I am pretty sure it is not ringworm. Yeah... So now I have some thing on my back and I have to wait 2 weeks to get it looked at. However, while I am at the dermatologist I think I will have her look at my moles. It has been a few years since anyone looked at them, and it is probably time to have them looked at.

Jacob looks like he has the chicken pox, he is so covers from head to toe in ant bites. I feel bad for the dude because he scatches without even thinking about it and now some are the size of a quarter. Ugh, how do you tell a four year old not to scratch. And why won't they listen?

On another note...

I have decided to become a Mary Kay lady. I know, I know a crazy MaryKay lady. But I am a little excited about the possibilities and will be hitting everybody up for Skin Care parties soon. Plus if you want to loan me some money so I can buy some inventory, that would be great too.
Seriously, you want to loan me some money? I will pay it back, I promise.

Anyway that is a quick update in our crazy lives. Hope you are all well.

Friday, April 14, 2006

GOLD!!!! Or something like that

Boy, when I think about it we did alot last much that I am still reporting on it and it is already almost this weekend.

While waiting for Bevo, we were about 30 minutes early, we thought about going into the cave, but when we went in to pay it would have been over $50 to take the four of us into the cave. I think you can see Carlsbad Caverns for cheeper and based on the pictures posted outside InnerSpace Caverns and the fact that it is right off the freeway, I think we will wait for Carlsbad. Anyhow, to pass the time we decided we would pay the $5 to buy a bag of "sand" which had all sorts of "precious stones" in it. You then go outside and "pan" for these "precious stones". It will keep the kids happy for thirty minutes. So here are some pictures of Emily panning, Jacob showing what he found and my hand full of the "precious stones" that we discovered in our bag 'o sand.

The kids had a great time and we will probably go back, someday, when we have hit the lottery. And yes father, I know it is a tax on the stupid.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just for my Mom

Yesterday I wore a perfume that I just pulled out of the closet, nothing special. When I was at work someone asked if I was wearing "Happy" by Clinique. I said no, it was Curve. I did not think anything else of it until I got home last night and Emily cuddeled up to me on the couch and took a big wiff of me and said, "Mom, you smell like Memaw." All my mom wears is "Happy" --So Mom, know that the my kids know your smell, and can scout it out. I just hope they never run into some lady at Wal-Mart wearing it and try to go home with her, thinking it is you :)

While waiting for Bevo this weekend, Jacob discovered a love for insects. In the past the only insects we have had around us have been ants, spiders, an occasional grasshopper. But because Bevo was late (tied up in traffic) Jacob found some lovely little worms. They were green and small. I think they are the tree worms that come to attack the area every year, but I have only lived here for 2 and a half years, so I am not sure. But he loved them. He brought one home, which got squished in the car, but he wanted to make it a house and to love it. He gave it a leaf to eat and thought it was fun when the worm would “shake his booty” in order to crawl up his arm. My kid, he loves the outdoors.
Also, his shoes are so caked in mud from this weekend, they are still not dry enough for me to clean yet. He has had to wear his church shoes to school everyday this week. My family is a mess.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Showdown at the OK Corral

It was a showdown at the Sumpter corral last night. In trying to get Jacob to at least try new food, we have decided that he will at least try what we are having for dinner before he gets to choose something else to eat. Well last night we had lasagna. Now the boy likes spaghetti, but refused to try the lasagna. He cried for about an hour and a half straight about not wanting to eat it. But we stood firm. He was testing us and gosh darn it, we won. We put him to bed with nothing to eat. I think he believed we would never do that. But the kid is starting to eat cereal and some other things, where he is not SO skinny anymore that if this is what we have to do , it is what we have to do. He came out of his room about 10 minutes later saying he would try it. If he tried it, he was going to get some chocolate milk, which Emily was drinking at the table with him. She was trying her best to persuade him to eat a bite of lasagna so they could share he glass of chocolate milk. He came out, and after about 3 minutes of trying to convince me to try a smaller bite, he tried it. He said it taste good, after he gagged and spit it out. He hd worked himself up so much, I don’t think he could have eaten anything at that point. He got 2 bog swigs of chocolate milk and off to bed. And the amazing thing was he did not get up in the night for a snack, as I thought he would. So tonight we are having grilled chicken, we shall see how this goes.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Since we live in Austin, it is almost a law that you like the University if Texas. I could really care less, but Josh has jumped on the bandwagon and they brainwash the kids in school so our family is mostly a UT family. So on Sat. we had the opportunity to get our pictures taken with BEVO, the UT cow, oops I mean mascot. So here are some pictures of the kids with the longhorn and a few good shots of Emily's new hairdo. (We cut off 6 inches on Friday)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My baby is not so much of a baby anymore

Can you beleive my child, my little baby boy will be in Kindergarden next year? I went yesterday morning to register him at the big school so he can attend in the fall. Josh and I also made the decision that he will go to YMCA camp with Emily this summer. It cost the same, will only require one drop off and pick up and will allow us to not have to pay for the two weeks he will not be in camp, like we would have had to pay the daycare to keep his spot open. Anyhow, I can not beleive it, I will be the parent of two school aged children!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Our Weekend

What a busy weekend. It was pretty non-stop and with the help of the farmers, I am so tired I am worthless at work today. I am trying to actually get some things accomplished and I can barely move I am so tired. I hate day-light savings time.

To start of we went to our friends house, sans children on Friday night. They stayed the night with Grandma. She seems to be a little lonely, and suddenly wants to be best friends with all of us again, rather than getting out and making new friends, but I digress….
The kids spent the night, so we “partied hardy” on Friday night, we got home late and were awaken at 7:50 am to come get our kids. Then we got up and started moving, slowly. The kids went to bed late, Jacob at 9 and Emily at 11 (even though she knew they were fighting off a cold) and Josh and I were up past midnight. After we all woke-up/showered we went to the Home Depot to pick up some concrete to help the dog stay in the yard. Not to put the dog in, but to make it so he can’t get out. Well, we just happened upon the first Sat of the month at Home Depot. They have a project for kids to do…for FREE. So we said sure and I even marked the next one on my calendar, so we can do it again. Jacob built a race care and Emily built a bird feeder. It was so fun. And then the kids let us browse a bit, because they were happy for a minute. We found a rug I like, to cover the iron burn mark that Jacob helped make two weeks ago and bought our $3 bag of Quick Crete. Then we went to the animal shelter. I have been having a yearning for my wiener dog again, so went looking. They actually had two there this weekend, but they were on hold, so we could not even take them out of the cage to see how they would interact with Biscuit. So, we may be back later in the week, or we may just chill on the second dog idea for a minute.
After all this we all went home and took a nap YEAH!!! Then Emily and I went to Mother Daughter bowling with Girl Scouts and had a great time. We had the bumpers up, so I scored a 94! The best ever! We all had a great time, and Jacob and Josh went to see Ice Age 2, and they both really seemed to enjoy it as well. After such a busy Saturday we did NOTHING on Sunday, but because the farmers need extra time or whatever, the kiddos and me were beat all day long. In fact Jacob fell asleep about 5 pm during/after throwing a fit about cleaning his room. He woke up about 2 hours later and we fed him and put him back in bed, and he still gave me grief this morning getting up. Oh well… Next weekend we have a make-up yard sale, because that didn’t happen this week and Girl Scouts. Hopefully, much less exciting.

Here are some pictures of Emily and her sock puppet. We will not even discuss what some of the puppets looked like. I am almost ashamed to admit that I made her sock puppet and it looks like Jacob made it. Oh well, she was happy and so I was happy.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Old Western Photo

We LOVE to have old western photos made, we have had one a year made since our honeymoon. Here is our latest photo.