Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's try this thing again.

I miss putting my thoughts and ideas on paper, or at least the pages of the internet. I liked feeling like people took the time to read what I had to say. But since I began teaching (Good grief, it has been 5 years!!!) a few years back I have felt literally as though I did not have the time to write down my own grocery list, much less my thoughts.

I have also felt as though I have nothing to even say. Lost you might say. As though I were wondering around in my life, doing everything I should be doing, following all the rules, being a good wife, mother, friend, Christian, but feeling a bit lost in it all at the same time.

Not sure what I am looking for. But maybe, just maybe if I start taking the time to write a little something everyday then I might find myself a little bit again. I don’t want to be lost in the in and out of day to day living. Grading papers, eating ice cream and wishing I had more energy. I think this might be the shot of adrenaline in my arm that I need.